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Alpha Bitch Bags: The "WaggyBag" Limited EditionAlpha Bitch "WaggyBag" - a wee knapsack for dog lovers!
Alpha Bitch "WaggyBag" and Small Shopping Tote - now you can carry it all, hands-free. The new "WaggyBag" is the perfect size for all the basics when you're out with your dogs (and can't stand the sight of a fanny pack). The Small Shopping Tote is ideal for quick trips to the market/dog treat shop!

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Alpha Bitch Small Shopping ToteAlpha Bitch "WaggyBag"

Alpha Bitch T-Shirts, Tanks, and Bags - Exceptional quality, modern styles, comfortable and cute! Show off the love and pride you feel for your pack by wearing your title. "Alpha Bitch" is a proper term for the female leader in a pack of dogs; but also a compliment, a job title, a lifestyle choice!

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