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Alpha Bitch "WaggyBag" Limited Edition - a wee knapsack for dog lovers
Alpha Bitch "WaggyBag" Alpha Bitch "WaggyBag"
Alpha Bitch "WaggyBag"
Item#: WaggyBag

About this item:
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The Alpha Bitch "WaggyBag" is a wee knapsack for dog lovers! It is a Limited Edition item - the manufacturer is not making them anymore (we don't understand why, it's ideal!), so, what we have in stock will be all there is, ever!

Constructed of soft yet durably strong cotton canvas and brass hardware, it is of the highest quality. The Waggy Bag has two pockets on the outer front: one small, velcro closing pocket(perfect for your phone) on top of a larger, zippered pocket. The inside has a lined, zippered pocket (id, cash, debit card) and surprisingly roomy main compartment. There is also a lined, zippered pocket on the outer back side of the bag (great, safe place for keys!)

The strap is adjustable, so it can be worn at many lengths, making it even more versatile and practical. You'll wonder how you ever went on a hike with your dog without one!

The WaggyBag is the perfect size to carry all your essentials when you're out with your dog . . keys, wallet, glasses, poo bags, water bottle, camera, phone ... much cuter than a fanny pack, easier to use than a backpack.

We named it the "WaggyBag" because before long, your dog is going to wag at the sight of it - the bag "Mom" takes when dogs get to do something fun - Oh! Boy! Fun! Yay!

The fanny pack may now officially retire.

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