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Alpha Bitch: n.; Ranking female among dogs; proud, loving pack leader.
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Alpha Bitch T-Shirts & Bags: For the proud, loving pack leader!

Here you can find all the best gear: Alpha Bitch Hoodies, Long Sleeve Thermals, Long Sleeve T's, Short Sleeve T's (four styles, two organic cotton, in Ladies' & Unisex sizes), two tanks, two perfect bags, and lightweight Pendants (which make great zipper pulls)!

All the short sleeve T's & Tanks are made by Alternative Apparel, and the Hoodies & Thermals are made by American Apparel, so you know you are getting a first-rate, quality garment. Be sure to see the "Sale Items" section - and don't miss the WaggyBag 'Limited Edition' - no more are being made by the manufacturer, so buy yours now!

Some shirts feature our favorite quote on the back side: " He is your life, your love, your defender, your dog. He will be yours, faithful and true, until the last beat of his heart. you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." Other T's feature our own pro-adoption slogan on the lower back: "Achieve Sustainable Population / Spay Neuter Adopt Commit "

Need a cute gift for a friend? Take a look at our Alpha Bitch "WaggyBag" - a wee knapsack for dog lovers! The perfect practical accessory, you'll want one for yourself as well. You'll never need a fanny pack or overstuffed pockets again!

Alpha Bitch T-Shirts & Bags are designed for all the proud, loving dog moms & pack leaders who share our canine dedication and lifestyle.

Thanks for your love of animals. A percentage of every Alpha Bitch T-Shirt sale benefits local and national rescue groups, including Best Friends Animal Society!

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Alpha Bitch "WaggyBag" Alpha Bitch: Long Sleeve Thermal T (Unisex Sizing)  Alpha Bitch Long Sleeve Hoodie (Ladies & Unisex Sizes)
Alpha Bitch Organic Crew T (Unisex S-2X)

Alpha Bitch T-Shirts, Tanks, and Bags - Exceptional quality, modern styles, comfortable and cute! Show off the love and pride you feel for your pack by wearing your title. "Alpha Bitch" is a proper term for the female leader in a pack of dogs; but also a compliment, a job title, a lifestyle choice!

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